Association History

GLEN FOREST'S original charter area consisted of about 112 homes. The area is roughly rectangular starting at Leesburg Pike, extending down Glen Forest Drive to the Glen Forest Elementary School (built in 1957). However, this total included 14 homes on Merritt Place built on the North side of Long Branch Creek between 1955 and 1959.

In addition to these homes, a 6.8 acre park was designed in the northern part of the track, with a car entrance at 3300 Kaywood Place. The Association does not maintain a mailing address here so there is no mailbox by this driveway. The property includes a 10-foot strip of land to allow pedestrian access between 5913 and 5915 Merritt Place. On May 20, 1957, Woodrow W. and Mary E. Oliver deeded this land to the Association. To receive this donation, the initial residents had to form the Association, incorporating themselves under the Virginia State Corporate Commission on December 20, 1957 (ID #792945). The Olivers dedicated this park on May 4, 1958 subject to this restrictive covenant:

Said property shall be used by members of the Glen Forest Community Association, Inc., only for the construction, maintenance and operation of a swimming pool, bath house, community house, and other recreational facilities, together with such incidental objects or purposes as are appropriate in the conduct of its activities.

Despite the Olivers' generous donation, theirs was essentially a business decision. The only other use for the parkland in 1957 would have been for an large estate home, but there was no market for one at that time (zoning was also a question) and there is no acceptable frontage on the park perimeter for a single-family unit. Thus, they built a swimming pool, bathhouse, an entrance driveway, and ford around 1960. (It is unknown if the original foot bridge was built at that time.) The pool became an incentive to buy a home and its cost was incorporated into the selling price.

Among the first residents in 1955 (reportedly the first) were the Shumans at 5861 Glen Forest Drive (second house on the right as you enter on Glen Forest Drive). Irene, the wife and mother, became our oldest original resident until she passed away on January 22, 2010. In later years, a tennis court was added, exempted from Fairfax County property taxes.

Home building in our neighborhood continued into the 1970s, bringing the number of houses to about 400. Those built in the 1990s and the addition of Brill Court in 2006 brought the total close to 450.

The original Association members decided against mandatory fees such as today's imposed by today's Association. Instead, they offered annual pool memberships to fund the facility and incidental costs for the rest of the year. In the beginning, memberships were restricted to charter residents. In time, however, charter families could not support pool operations, so the bylaws were revised to allow associate members in other neighborhoods to join and buy pool memberships. The first to come in were Glen Acres and Congressional Acres. By around 2000, even charter and associate members couldn't afford pool upkeep alone, so membership was opened to anyone. These decisions have kept costs down, although the Association has been unable to build a capital fund to replace it with a bigger pool. Moreover, we have the additional expense of a baby pool.

Many improvements have been made to the swimming facility over the years, giving it the most modern filters, pumps, capstones, furniture, and safety features. Initially, the Association ran the pool, furnishing its own pool operator and hiring the lifeguards. Irene Shuman held a pool operators license during many of these years. Today, we hire a pool management company for maintenance and lifeguards.

Fairfax County has a variance as a requirement for protection in the RPA zone beside Long Branch Creek. The Association has a cooperative relationship with the county that has benefited the area. Around 2002, we let the county use our driveway to repair and upgrade Long Branch Creek (mostly erosion control measures). To reciprocate, they replaced our footbridge and ford, and re-paved our driveway. Our pool and park remain private, but we are currently seeking 501c3 non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service.

 Below are some street statistics of our neighborhood: 

Streets (No. of Homes)
Year Built Streets (No. of Homes) Year Built
 Chicamuxen Court (8)  1965-66  Ardley Court (70)  1966
 Spring Lane (37)  1971  Robinwood Lane (14)  1959
 Glen Forest Drive (N) (6)  1979  6th Street South (25)  1979
 6th Street2 (17)  1950-52  Red Pine Street (1)  1976
 6th Road South (7)  1979  Merritt Place (N) (4)  1975-79
 Magnolia Avenue2 (14)  1957-59  Kimble Court2 (18)  1961-62
 Olds Drive2 (2)  1972  Hardwick Place (38)  1965
 Glen Carlyn Road (S) (6)  1965  Glen Carlyn Road (N)2 (5)  1961-62
 Brill Court3 (6)  2006

 1) On March 20, 2010, all streets in this table became Regular Members and thus voting members
 2) Voting members along with charter members
 3) One house is technically part of Pensa Drive